【IAI FESTIVAL,IAI Festival is held in Beijing every year. The two-day activities include: brand forum, grand prize case PK sharing, award ceremony, exhibition exchange, guest dinner and other contents. Well-known media, advertising agencies and business owners have participated in the forum, the activity of more than 3,000 people, is the top event of the brand and advertising marketing industry in four places across the Taiwan Straits.】

 The participating company has first-line media, advertising companies, corporate brands. About the composition of participants: 53% of various digital marketing and advertising agencies, corporate brand advertisers account for about 27%, 20% of media, colleges and universities and overseas personnel (mainly media practitioners, media judges, university judges and overseas senior executives).

The theme of the 2024IAI Chuanjian International Creative Festival is " Redifining Posibilities", encouraging participants to gain profound insights into today's economic changes and to respond to these changes through creativity and innovation. In this era full of challenges and opportunities, we are facing rapid technological progress, social structural changes, and environmental challenges. Therefore, we need to use keen insight to understand the new opportunities and challenges brought about by these changes, and explore the sources of innovation to lead the direction of future development. Whether from the perspectives of technological innovation (AI, etc.), social change, or environmental sustainability, this creative festival calls on participants to have a keen insight into trends, be brave in innovation, explore and utilize new drivers, and contribute to building a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future. 

2024 IAI Festival will be held in Beijing from June 12 to 13,2024, to discuss the most cutting-edge marketing content and creative views, a hundred schools of thought contend, and ferment more deep and diversified fresh ideas.

IAI Festival :

The theme for 2024 is " Redifining Posibilities"

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China CCTV famous host Kang Hui, Li Sisi, Ren Luyu, Chang Ting, Yilun, Qiu Qiming, Phoenix TV famous host Zeng Jingyi

The three-day journey took us into the ocean of "classic marketing future", and let us conduct special knowledge and trend discussion activities among leaders and elites from different fields, including case sharing, summit dialogue, round table discussion, project road show, on-site interaction and other links.

Set up annual international training courses during the "Innovation Festival". International training courses is divided into three theme direction: brand, marketing, creative, invite domestic and foreign well-known marketing industry cafe, on-site teaching, will bring students the most pragmatic new era of marketing concept, the strength of the powerful brand construction, the forefront of creative market thinking, is the wisdom of the peer elite exchange play precipitation.

MBA, Harvard University, Paresh Shah

IAI Advertising Award works category and case category each group from the gold medal to select the top five of each category as the candidates for the award, in the stage site PK, and the scene to determine the annual award, is the highest honor of the year!

Here, we can watch the most wonderful case explanation of the year, with the story behind it, collision creative sparks.

The IAI Advertising Award focuses on the fulfillment of social responsibility while promoting the development of the industry. During the "Innovation and Enjoy Festival" activity, the IAI Executive Committee will donate the 2017 IAI yearbook to universities, well-known enterprises, domestic and foreign media, and major media at home and abroad at the award site.

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