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Over the past 24 years, IAI AWARDS (once called International Advertisting Awards ) has been a well-known non-profit Chinese advertising and marketing award organization. In 2016, IAI was redefined as an international idea creativity awards that aimed to reward commercial/marketing/advertising creative cases/works. IAI was established by the China Advertising Association of Commerce, the School of Advertising of Communication University of China, and jointly organized by the IAI International Advertising Institute.

IAI=International Advertising Institute

Communication University of China

The Communication University of China (CUC) is one of China’s key universities of “Project 211”, which is directly under the guidance of the State Ministry of Education. The predecessor of the school was a training center for technicians of the Central Broadcasting Bureau that was founded in 1954. In April of 1959, the school was upgraded to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute approved by the State Council. In August of 2004, the BBI was renamed into the Communication University of China. Located in the east part of Beijing and near the Old Canal, the CUC occupies 473,000 square meters with a total construction area of 383,000 square meters (Learn more information at :http://www.cuc.edu.cn/

The School of Advertising of Communication University of China

The School of Advertising includes Art Designing Department and Public Relations Department, with 6 research institutions and 3 laboratories. There are currently 35 full time instructors in this school, among them there are seven professors and 16 associate professors. It is the first school to set up academic curriculum of training system from undergraduate education to doctoral programs in China. It has set up the Chinese Advertising Archives, which is the most important information database of Chinese advertising industry at present.

A Successful Brand of 24 Years

IAI Awards have been successfully held for 24 years. IAI Yearbook have been successfully published for 25 years as summary work of China advertising & marketing, its purpose is "reserving the historical testimony, provide the creative reference, building a communication platform, and respecting the advertising field". It has collected over 8000 advertising works from different areas such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China. Since its first publication in 2000, the IAI Yearbook has become a reflection of the highest level of creativity and developmental trends of advertising.

A New Era for IAI Awards

Since its establishment in 2000, IAI has experienced several upgrades. In 2016, the IAI Yearbook Award was upgraded to the IAI International Advertising Awards and again upgraded to IAI Awards in 2021. In order to meet the requirement of brand marketing in the new era, in October 2019, the 20th IAI International Advertising Awards listed the vertical fields of Sports, E-commerce, Mother & Baby, Automobile, Medical Health and Finance separately, and with the three years’ IAI Travel Awards, namely, the IAI International Advertising Awards Community.

The new IAI awards community include: IAI Awards, IAI Travel Awards, IAI Sports Marketing Awards, IAI E-commerce  Awards, IAI Mother & Baby Marketing Awards, IAI Automobile Marketing Awards, IAI Medical & Health Awards, and IAI Financial Marketing Awards.

IAI Awards is not only the competition of advertising creativity, but also focuses on the marketing value brought by advertising marketing activities to enterprises. IAI provides ideas, strategies, media communication, public relations activities, effect feedback and other front-line market information and cases at home and abroad. It provides innovative advertising marketing reference in the depth of the industry, comprehensive cases for media and advertising agencies, excellent research records for Chinese advertising industry and builds a communicating platform for advertisers, advertising agencies, media and academia.

IAI Travel Awards

Tourism cases designed to have an annual innovation and extensive influence, excellent and innovative cultural groups, institutions, government organizations and individuals, build exchanges and communication platforms for the Chinese borders, and promote the digitalization and brand of cultural marketing. The development is helpful for the development of the brigade.

IAI E-Commerce Awards

It is designed to selection to achieve significant marketing cases, and the award annual e-commerce brand and platform enterprises will promote the economic development of digital e-commerce.

IAI Automobile Marketing Awards

Awarded award-winning annual outstanding automobile marketing case to promote the faster and more steady development of the automotive industry.

 IAI Sports Marketing Awards

The aim of the award of excellent sports marketing cases; building a brand and sports circading exchange platform; promoting the healthy development of China's sports marketing undertakings.

IAI Mother & Baby Marketing Awards

Mother and baby marketing advertising creative and marketing cases awarded in the award year. Professional assistance in maternal and child brand development.

IAI Health Marketing Awards

The brand marketing case designed to have excellent year-old medical and health sector, which helps my country's medical health field.

IAI Financial Marketing Awards

Financial marketing ideas and cases awarded in the award year, helping to promote benign development in the financial sector.

IAI Wine Marketing Awards

IAI wine marketing awards will provide a platform for the presentation and exchange of wine industry marketing cases, while providing recognition and encouragement for outstanding cases in the industry.

IAI Trophy

Fair Selection Institution

The IAI Awards Review Committee is composed of business owners, media professionals, influential people in the advertising industry and famous academic experts. In the primary stage, 200 judges will select excellent nominations in the transparent assessment environment. In the final selection stage, 50 outstanding judges jointly selected the final IAI Awards. The whole process is fair and open.

The Publication of IAI Yearbook

IAI Yearbook selects excellent works from thousands of entries at home and abroad by IAI Yearbook Editorial Board representing the top level of advertisements every year. IAI invites more than 200 judges from senior creative experts of famous advertising companies, leaders of brand marketing and advertising, media advertising managers and academic experts, that have many years of experience in advertising industry or advertising research results, are familiar with the IAI Awards, and have personal experience and understanding of the current situation of the advertising industry so these ensure the professionalism of the award.

& 2000 〜 2015 Published <IAI Chinese Advertising Works Yearbook>

& 2016 to now Published  <IAI Advertising Works and Digital Marketing Yearbook>.

The Form of Book Publishing

Publish:We have formal ISBN number, the Yearbook will be issued by the regular press. Also, the Yearbook will be sold through website and offline bookstores.

Online sales link: https://m.q-l-z-w.com/app/index.php?i=33&c=entry&m=ewei_shopv2&do=mobile&v=162043



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