IAI Awards

Category and Rule

1 Awards class and categories

-Awards  class

The award will be bestowed in four main classes: gold, silver, bronze and excellence, the final best of the best award.



The participants of IAI Awards mainly include two groups: Media & Advertiser works and Agency works.

 In the light of different categories, the entries are divided into three groups: Works, Cases and Grand Prix

1.works: Film Craft;Print;Outdoor;New Media;Public Service

2.cases:Traditional advertising;New media;Data Marketing&Monitoring;Public Service

3.Grand Prix:works;cases;Advertiser;Agency;Media;Character Awards

2 How We Judge

-The Criterion of works

Image quality 20%;appeal point 30%;Originality 20%;Innovation 15%;Brand Connotion&sustainability 15%


1. Film craft: visual ;story ;brand relevant etc.

2. Print :content ;image ;appeal point etc.

3. Outdoor :harmony with the surroundings ;interactive with audiences ;craft quality etc.

4. New media :presentation of idea ;interactivity ;effective etc.

5. Public service :creative expression ;social responsibility ;influence etc.

-The Criterion of Cases

Marketing strategy 20%;ads goal and appeal point 10%;presentation and creativity 20%;media strategy and execution 20%;budget and market effect 20%;consumer attitude 10%


1.Traditional marketing :film\ print\ outdoor\ PR etc, mainly evaluating the cooperation of online &offline

2.New media  

1)Mobile digital Marketing :wechat marketing\interactive marketing\ display marketing\ app\ H5 etc.

2)Network video marketing :Micro movie marketing\product placement\Vedio integrated marketing etc.

3)Search marketing: Value of Search Engines ; effect of advertising

4)Viral marketing: Timeliness ; effect of advertising

5)Social marketing

6)  Creative Media : Originality, novelty and effect etc.

7)Integrated marketing :  strategy, excution , effection

3.System platform: DSP、RTB、SSP etc.Background; core goal; Operation;mode; effection

4.Data marketing&monitoring: fairness, accuracy and objectivity of Advertising effect monitoring

5.Public service: excution , effection etc.

-The Criterion of Grand Prix

The Grand Prix/Best of the best will be generated after the competition among all the gold awards.

3 Judging Rules

- Juries

IAI Awards Juries consist of more than 200 judges,including advertisers,brand marketers,Specialists,scholars,celebrities in AD fields.More information:(www.iaiad.com)

- Judging Rules

First stage: The judges will uphold the principles of fairness, justice and openness, jointly review all the candidates and select the nomination work through the primary election.

IAI Awards will establish a website for the primary election. The judges can get access to the candidate works through mobile phones, tablet PC and computers. The primary election adopt a voting rule, that is, judges vote to determine the nominated works. Meanwhile, judges are free to comment on all the works. The IAI Executive Committee will collect the comment information and record the essential evaluation in the Yearbook.

At the stage of the final review,30 authoritative experts, who are selected by the IAI presidium voting, will participate in this on-site assessment. Through comprehensively analysis and discussion, Juries will determine the annual gold, silver, bronze prize; the nomination prize and the Grand Prix Award.

Final judging rules: each piece have 100 points, the judges should follow the sixteenth IAI Awards rules and criterions.

Eligibility: The gold prize( over 85 points on average), the silver prize (more than 75 points) and the bronze works (at least 65 points).

Best of the best: the winner of the highest score.

- Jury group


Jury Composition


Agency\advertiser\scholar representatives



Agency\scholar representatives


Media\advertiser representatives

Grand Prix


Agency\media\scholar representatives


Scholar\advertiser representitives


Scholar\advertiser\agency\media representatives

- Schedule

2020.10.10 - 2021.01.31Work and case submissions
2021.02.22 - 02.28Judges conduct nominations online selection
2021.04.10 - 04.11Judges make final selections in person
2021.05.26 - 05.282021 IAI FESTIVAL
2021.07Publication of IAI Yearbook 2021

The Award Nomination will be published at IAI official website(www.iaiad.com) after one month of the First Judge  ,The final judge awards will be announced at the IAI Award Ceremony.